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South 67 Condos
Clubhouse Rental

The South 67 clubhouse will be rented to residents only. The resident must be in attendance during his/her function at all times. A maximum of 40 guests are allowed. The following rules apply to anyone renting the clubhouse:
  1. Reservations must be made and rental fee and deposit paid seven days in advance.
  2. The clubhouse may not be reserved more than three months in advance.
  3. Clubhouse rental is defined as rental of the inside of the clubhouse which does not include the pool or the hot tub. There is no grilling in the pool area.
  4. The rental fee and deposit are only refundable if cancellation is given 5 days in advance of the rental date.
  5. The resident is responsible for the conduct of all guests and is personally liable for any damages. If your function lasts beyond 10:00 pm, you will need permission from the HOA Management Committee.
  6. Damages will be deducted from the security deposit for any needed repair. This also includes cleanup of all surrounding areas. If the deposit is insufficient to cover damages, the resident will then be held liable and billed directly for any additional costs incurred.
  7. Residents are responsible for ensuring that guests park in the proper area and not in the street, when attending clubhouse functions.
Please also refer to the Rules and Regulations for additional information with regards to the clubhouse.
Rental fee: $30.00, with a deposit of $50.00
To rent the clubhouse, fill out a request form.